About Andrew

I am a writer and consultant based in London and Scotland.

I have a 20-year career in Innovation and Revenue Growth consulting. If you are interested in that, go and find me on LinkedIn… but in summary: I was on the Management Board of a small strategy and innovation consulting firm, Edengene (2003-8) and have worked on consulting projects with another consulting firm, Market Gravity (acquired by Deloitte in 2017) Since 2017 I have run an “Academy” 5-day training programme, putting over 400 Deloitte consultants through a bootcamp-type experience to learn Design Thinking and experience what it’s like to work intensively on a customer-led project. I also work with the geopolitical risk firm, Sea Change Partners.

As for writing, I write on India and other subjects.

My first book, Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom and is now available in the UK (May 2015, Birlinn Books), in India (May 2015, Penguin) and has been published in translation in Thailand. It has received widespread praise.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and travel to Asia frequently, particularly the Himalayan region. My blog about travelling through India, China and the USA in 2008-9 (luddo.com) was featured in The Times Sitegeist column. (luddo.com has now been superseded by andrewduff.net).
Before turning to writing,

I have also written for The Times, Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph, Scotsman, Times of India and India Quarterly and I am available for book and article commissions.

“Most British people travelling through India are gap year students, and their messages home are too packed with complaints about lost iPods and requests for a wire cash transfer to provide much real entertainment. Andy Duff’s Mind, The Gap blog is different – by turns insightful and funny, it’s the next best thing to a railway tour of the sub-continent. If you want to know what really goes on in an ashram, how to cleanse your nasal passages with a piece of rubber tube, or what the most popular item in a Delhi McDonald’s might be, it’s well worth a read.” (Michael Moran in The Times Sitegeist Column, Saturday March 21, 2009)

You can contact me by writing to andrew {at} andrewduff {dot} net.


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