My company signed a big deal yesterday with Tiscali, Europe’s largest ISP. This means that about 15 million more Internet Users in 12 countries can now access domain names automatically. domain names have much better, more logical and more memorable extensions like .shop, .club, .gmbh and .amor. The total with automatic access to these new domain names is now 95 million, which is pretty amazing considering we only started in business in March. If your ISP has not signed up with us yet (some like Tiscali and Freeserve have seen the light, but not all yet), then you can download a small piece of software from our website which will enable your computer to see these new websites. You can read some of the coverage below –

CNet – finds ally for domain effort

Net Imperative – Tiscali strikes deal for new localised domain names – Takes A Different Route With Europe’s Top ISP

Heise Online – Tiscali unterstützt unautorisierte Top Level Domains

Punto Informatico – Tiscali gestirà i domini alternativi

ZDnet France – Noms de domaine alternatifs: Tiscali rejoint

Yahoo France – Noms de domaine alternatifs: Tiscali rejoint

Yahoo Germany – Ab sofort möglich: “.gmbh”

Franfurter-Rundschau – Neue Wege führen in das Chaos (The Germans love us – honest)

FYI, we also are in Webspace’s “Top 50 Web Technology Companies” at number 36. It’s a print publication, so here’s what they wrote about us – “It may be a cheeky attempt to hijack the DNS, but’s easy to use names are a must-have for the Fortune 1000 and are the fruit of proprietary technology to boot.”


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