I just helped my sister-in-law in her search for the right flatbed scanner for her home-based printing company. You might be interested in the places I use when I am shopping online for computer equipment.

1. Goldfish Guides is a fantastic comparison shopping service for home appliances, home entertainment and home computer equipment. [Goldfish are a Credit Card company that are building a bank and are part of the Centrica Group (which includes the AA, British Gas and One.Tel). They’re a really smart consumer-based company – I just hope they can keep being consistently good in all their companies.]

2. Jungle and DABS are the companies I would use for actually buying equipment. Of these two, DABS provides a really useful comparison service which probably gives them the edge in my view.

3. Although I haven’t typically gone direct to the manufacturers, I am starting to – take a look here for Dell’s direct site. It’s waaaaay cheaper generally, although you obviously don’t get the comparison benefits.


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