The marrying types

The “Matrimonials” supplement in the Times of India makes for far more interesting reading than the trashy Cars/Travel/Weekend/Gear sections in the UK Papers.

It’s eight pages long, and there are 41 categories of groom advertising for a bride, with slightly more categories of brides looking for their man. Most of the categories are either region or caste-specific. Some advertise “sub caste no bar” or “suitable bride sub-sect no bar”, but the majority demonstrate that the caste system is alive and well, such as:

“Brahmin 27/5’7″ boy empld. Chevron Corpn. USA seeks prof girl.”

(Although given the continuing bad news for the US, he may be limiting his options with that one). Other ad categories are more explicit, for example “NRI/Green Cards” (10 entries) – an admirable display of 21st century realism. There’s even a category for “HIV Positive” (1 entry).

Currently in Bangalore, with a ticket for tomorrow’s England v India cricket game, which came my way for free – story in due course.


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