Lithe and alive in Sivananda Ashram

A short note on Christmas Day… the Ashram is providing plentiful material for this blog. The cast of characters gracing the Ashram include a producer on the Oprah Winfrey show, a 29-year-old Brazilian judge, a Parisian architect, and a whole host of other nationalities. I hope to post within the next week. Last night (Christmas Eve) was a story in itself.
Happy Christmas!



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2 responses to “Lithe and alive in Sivananda Ashram

  1. Nice reading ur blog.Thank u for the photo and and keep smilingregardsyogi Narayan.

  2. hey andy, thanks for this wonderful blog – i just returned to Switzerland (but I am the German girl) and miss India so much already. While readying your blog i was laughing so much and will forward your link to people who ask me how my Christmas in India has been – you described it wonderful. Please keep writing and I will surely keep reading. stay strong and flexible through the TTC. hugs from Eylin

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