Go to www.introducingmonday.co.uk for a great illustration fo how the internet can humble even the most serious of “brands”.

When PWC Consulting changed their name to Monday, they registered every name with anything vaguely related to their new Monday “brand”, as large corporates are wont to do. This included www.introducingmonday.com , but unfortunately they forgot about www.introducingmonday.co.uk



P.S. This is why big corporates *hate* the idea of new domain name extensions such as .shop, .club, .mp3, .family or whatever – if there was a .family extension in the official domain name system you can bet who would claim they had rights to http://www.mcdonalds.family – yes, that’s right, Ronald and his proud burgers, rather than Morag McDonald and her 43 offspring in the Hebrides…


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