Bill Gates is off again

and this time it’s serious…

I found the article about Bill Gates’ new project Longhorn online – it’s all in the wider context of what Bill is up to and how he’s changing. This is important stuff in my view which could change the way we perceive of PCs. The thinking makes sense and it will be interesting to see how they implement it. The reality is of course that no-one else is really in a position to do this in the PC market, although I think someone with a lot of nous ( like Sky potentially could create something pretty interesting off set top boxes. Quote from the article –

“If this enormous undertaking succeeds, it will make computers more personal than ever. Equipped with Longhorn, your PC will keep track of how you work, whom you talk to, what sites you look at, how you make documents and whom you share them with, which data on the network are yours–making all those things easier.”


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