Getting high in North India

I am heading for the hills of Sikkim for a couple of weeks, so this will be the last post until 18th April.

Darjeeling is currently wet. Very wet. There has been an interesting cast of characters to keep me amused though, the most entertaining of which has been Barbara, a 50-year-old Glaswegian member of the British Communist Party. Tales of being on the barricades with Tommy Sheridan have been relayed with a fine ferocity over a couple of breakfasts. She is here teaching the poorest of the poor. She claims that there is a warrant out for her arrest in the UK.

Since Kanchenjunga has peaked through the rain-clouds only once, I have decided that getting high is the only answer. Judging by the dazed looks on some faces, I am not alone. My particular method involves altitude. I am trekking into Goecha La at 4940m.

Au revoir.


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